Vivaldi and Netflix [Tutorial]

Vivaldi is currently my favourite browser. Since it’s still in beta, there are quite a few things that aren’t working. Among those things is Netflix. Since Netflix is quite well known to only support some browsers and be picky about user-agents and so on, that wasn’t really surprising. Still it’s quite the pain in the a** to not be able to use Netflix with Vivaldi.

There were sporadic mentions of people getting Vivaldi to work with Netflix, but nobody mentioned how exactly that was managed. Because of this I tried my luck on my own and searched for a solution. Affter a few tries I got it working with the configuration explained in this tutorial.

This tutorial consists of a few steps:

  1. Change the user agent string

    First install the extension found on this site: User Agent Switcher for Chrome

    After this you need to create your new user agent string. To create the right user agent string you first need to gather some information from your current one. Go to to view your current user agent string. Important to us is the string in the first pair of brackets.

    Copy this string without the marked section

    Copy your useragent string without the marked section. You’ll need it in a few seconds.

    Now go to the options page of the extension you installed earlier in this tutorial.


    There you’ll create the new user agent string for Vivaldi to use on Netflix.

    The formular to create a new user agent string
    The formular to create a new user agent string

    Edit the fields like this:
    -New User-agent name: A name you’ll remember this user agent by (Chrome Netflix)
    -New User-Agent String: The new user agent string should be in this format:

    Your copied useragent (something like: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.80 Safari/537.36)

    -Group: Chrome
    -Indicator Flag: Ch

    Click “Add” to create the new user agent string.

    To create a permanent spoof for netflix add the url to the list as described in the following picture.

    Go to permanent spoof list and create your filter
    Go to permanent spoof list and create your filter

    Choose in the dropdown the name of the user-agent you created and click add.

    Your user-agent is now edited an you should be able to use Netflix like you are using Chrome. But don’t get your hopes up to high yet, there is still some way to go.

  2. Install WidevineCDM

    Go to vivaldi://components

    The components Vivaldi is using
    The components Vivaldi is using

    You see the WidevineCdm component at the bottom of the list? Click on “Search for Updates” beneath it and wait some time. This step took several tries for me. Just keep refreshing the page and restart the process if it isn’t finished after a few minutes.

  3. Install Flash

    To get flash just install Adobe Flash Player. Make sure to install the PPAPI version and not the NPAPI.

  4. Delete cookies

    You might need to delete all cookies from Netflix. Netflix seems to save some data relating to your browser in it’s cookies and they’ll prevent you from watching any movies. Go to Settings|Privacy and scroll down to the list containing all cookies. Search for “netflix” and press “Delete all cookies”.


There you go! Now you should be able to use Netflix with Vivaldi without Silverlight or other outdated plugins. Leave some comments about your success with this tutorial below.

Ulrich Huber

Ulrich Huber

I'm studying computer science as major and mechanical engineering as minor at the TUM. While acquiring theoretical knowledge in university, I work on various projects in my spare time, to further my practical skills.

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Hmm… followed the above but it still doesn’t work for me… :/ Using latest Vivaldi beta (1.0.303.52 (Beta) (32-bit))


Riesigen Dank für dein Tutorial! Durch deine Anleitung kann ich jetzt endlich auch maxdome-Videos auf Vivaldi sehen.

tim wiseman

worked for me, great guide thanks


Instead of deleting cookies manually, you can use

Bjoern Dubberke

Mhm..habe deine Anleitung umgesetzt. Leider funktioniert es nicht- wobei mir aufgefallen ist, daß es bei mir (Vivaldi Linux) keine WidevineCdm component gibt?!